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Manage and grow your trust with the help of CaMu Document Services. With more than 16 years in the retirement and estate planning fields, our Valencia-based fiduciary financial advisors understand the intricacies of creating the best possible living trust for your needs. We can help to simplify even the most complex processes to help you feel on top of your finances, from effectively managing your assets to transferring wealth as you so choose.

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Setting up a trust is the best way to centralize your assets. From cash to property and stocks to business interests, with a trust, you can manage it all with ease. We will happily act as your trustee and handle all the details — allowing you and your loved ones to spend your time enjoying the benefits while we take care of the paperwork. Our fiduciary advisors can manage all the administrative duties, from distributions to record keeping, and we can even assist you with accounting and taxes.

As your trustees, we have a fiduciary duty and legal obligation to responsibly handle your trust and everything included within. We adhere to the strictest regulations and industry standards to ensure you feel confident in our services and approach to your trust.

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