Transfer Business and Personal Property To Your Trust

When you set up a trust and start to place assets within it, you are essentially transferring the legal ownership of these assets to your recipient. The majority of people choose to create a Living Trust and name themselves as a trustee, which allows them to use and control the assets within the trust— even though these assets technically belong to the trust.

Partner With CaMu Document Services

Transfer your assets to your trust with complete confidence by partnering with a team of estate planning professionals. Whether you need to transfer ownership of a home, business, or other personal property into a trust, it is crucial to get in touch with a team of advisors who can assist you with the process. When you turn to our financial advisors, we ensure educating you and collaborating with you on all aspects of setting up a trust. Our services allow you to make the most informed, best-possible decisions for your financial future and your loved ones — rather than relying on us to tell you what to do.

Who are We?

Since 2003, our financial experts have offered quality expertise and world-class education to individuals as well as families who want to set up a Living Trust. Whether you want to make sure that your business is taken care of once you can no longer run it or pass on the deed to your home to your chosen beneficiary without contest, we can assist you in creating the solution.

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