A Living Will

A living will is one of the best ways to prepare for your end-of-life care. It is beneficial in case you are not able to express your wishes when the time comes. Although a Living Will may be difficult to think about, making these important financial and estate planning decisions ahead of time can make it easier for your family and lessen arguments down the line.

Our firm serves clients nationwide, we adhere to all State laws regarding including state-specific articles in a Living Will. At CaMu Document Services, our team of fiduciary advisors will guide you towards legal choices that the state will recognize. We bring to your attention the importance of planning your needs if you are deemed incapacitated or incompetent to make decisions for yourself. Lastly, stating your specific wishes to loved ones in case of an unfortunate event, the directives in a living will be extremely helpful for your loved ones.

Learn more about creating your Living Will, no matter your current age or health status, by getting in touch with the CaMu Document Services team. For years, we have worked hard to educate our clients on a variety of options that allows them to make the best decisions for themselves. With a highly educated background and a plethora of experience, we offer a well-rounded look at all aspects involved in a Living Will.

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Trust Fiduciary Services

Grow and manage your trust with the help of CaMu Document Services. With more than a decade of experience in the retirement and estate planning fields, our Financial Fiduciary Advisors understand the intricacies of creating a personalized Living Trust that fits your needs. We can assist in simplifying even the most complex processes to make you feel in full control and on top of your finances, from effectively managing your assets and transferring them to your loved ones.

Set Up A Trust

Setting up a trust is the best way to centralize your assets. Whether it is cash, property, or stocks, you can manage everything with ease with a Living Trust. Our firm will happily act as your trustee and handle all the details required — allowing you and your loved ones to spend time enjoying the benefits while we take care of the paperwork. Our Fiduciary Advisors are experienced and can manage all the administrative duties, from distributions to record-keeping, and can even assist you with accounting and taxes.

We have a fiduciary duty and legal obligation to handle your estate and everything included within. We adhere to the strictest regulations within the industry to ensure you feel confident in our services and approach to your trust.

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Living Trust Restatement

When Do You Need A Trust Restatement?

Sometimes, there may be a need to change the language in your trust because of legality. If it’s something small, such as deleting or adding or specific requests, changing the person who will serve as Successor Trustee, then a simple trust amendment will usually get the job done. If you’ve made a series of three or four simple trust amendments over the years and you now want to make another change, consider consolidating all of your changes into a complete restatement. Doing so would be helpful to your successor trustee, who would have a single document to follow instead of needing to piece together the provisions of four or five separate documents.

Consult Our Advisors For the Best Results

The trust restatement process replaces and overpowers any existing details of your original trust, so consider discussing such adjustments with our advisors before making permanent decisions.

If you are not sure of a trust restatement or amendment, get in touch with our professionals at CaMu Document Services. We can assist you in determining the best ways to adjust your current living trust and set yourself and your family up for long-term success.

What  Is CaMu Document Services?

Since 2003, the professionals at CaMu Document Services have worked to make sure that their clients have the best possible experience setting up their financial estates. Voted among the most professional and affordable Living Trust packages in Los Angeles by clients, they offer quality information and services to those who need it the most.

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Power of Attorneys

Granting a power of attorney over your financial affairs is important in the event you are incapable or unable to do so for yourself. Many people elect their Power of Attorney on a springing basis, meaning that their powers can only be exercised if they become disabled or incapable. Alternatively, you can let someone have a Durable Power of Attorney over your estate, which means they can act now or later if you become unable to do so. Neither an agent nor a trustee who has power of attorney will own your assets — however, if you choose an irrevocable trust, you sign your properties over to the trust’s beneficiary, and that decision is final.

For a lot of people, selecting the right person to have a power of attorney is crucial for peace of mind about whatever may come.

As a solution, our team at CaMu Document Services has worked tirelessly to educate their clients about their estate planning options. We don’t believe in telling you what to do — instead, our advisors take an educative and collaborative approach, empowering you to make decisions that best suit your interests.

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Health Care Directive

A health care directive allows an individual to choose an agent to make medical decisions on their behalf and select end-of-life treatment options. Your health care instructions will also help to remind your health care agent of your wishes. Both your physicians and your health care agent are obligated by law to follow your health care instructions. It allows loved ones to make medical decisions on a person’s behalf and to outline their preferred life-saving treatment options without burden.

Transfer to Trust

Transfer Business and Personal Property To Your Trust

When you set up a trust and start to place assets within it, you are essentially transferring the legal ownership of these assets to your recipient. The majority of people choose to create a Living Trust and name themselves as a trustee, which allows them to use and control the assets within the trust— even though these assets technically belong to the trust.

Partner With CaMu Document Services

Transfer your assets to your trust with complete confidence by partnering with a team of estate planning professionals. Whether you need to transfer ownership of a home, business, or other personal property into a trust, it is crucial to get in touch with a team of advisors who can assist you with the process. When you turn to our financial advisors, we ensure educating you and collaborating with you on all aspects of setting up a trust. Our services allow you to make the most informed, best-possible decisions for your financial future and your loved ones — rather than relying on us to tell you what to do.

Who are We?

Since 2003, our financial experts have offered quality expertise and world-class education to individuals as well as families who want to set up a Living Trust. Whether you want to make sure that your business is taken care of once you can no longer run it or pass on the deed to your home to your chosen beneficiary without contest, we can assist you in creating the solution.

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Full Package Living Trust

Start at the very beginning with trusted advisors to set up a new trust with confidence through CaMu Document Services by your side. We can assist you in creating a Living Trust that meets your needs and will help you reach your long-term goals.


Why Partner With Us?

Since 2003, our team has worked tirelessly to make sure that our clients understand all of the legalities of Trust and Will and how it can affect their estate planning options. Our approach is educative and collaborative, rather than prescriptive — instead of telling you what you need to do and how to manage your money, our advisors want to empower you to make educated decisions on your own.

Living trusts cost thousands of dollars to set up, but our full-living trust packages are among the most affordable on the market. Our estate planning professionals have optimized and streamlined the process for you to save valuable time and hundreds of dollars.

Setting Up A Living Trust

We will be with you throughout the process to help you set up a living trust. This process includes:

  • Deciding what you need to include in the trust
  • Gathering the required paperwork, including certificates, deeds, and policies
  • Deciding on a sole granter or a shared trust
  • Choosing beneficiaries and a successor trustee
  • Preparing documents and finalizing the details

Setting up a trust can be a complicated process, but our team is by your side to resolve your concerns and queries you may have. With years of experience on our side, our fiduciary financial advisors are happy to help you move forward with confidence.

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