Power Of Attorneys

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Granting a trusted team power of attorney over your financial affairs is a common choice, since this person or persons can act in your place if you should pass away or become unable to handle your own affairs.

Many people grant professionals power of attorney on a springing basis, meaning that their powers only begin when you become disabled. Alternatively, you can allow someone to have durable power of attorney over your assets, which means they can act now or later if you become unable to do so. Neither a trustee nor an agent who has power of attorney will own your assets — however, if you choose an irrevocable trust, you sign the assets over to the trust’s beneficiary, and that decision is final.

For many people, selecting the right person to have the power of attorney is crucial for feeling peace of mind about whatever may come.

Since 2003, the team at CaMu Document Services has worked tirelessly to educate the people of Valencia about their trusts and estate planning options. We don’t believe in telling you what to do — instead, our fiduciary advisors take an educative and collaborative approach, empowering you to make your own decisions.

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