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A Full Living Trust Bundle Starting At $499 - Make An Appointment Now To Start The Process

Online Legal Document Service

$499 Living Trust & All Notarization Is Free. Living Trust Is About Living Benefits Not Only Death Benefits.

Quality Online Legal Document Service, You Can Trust.

CaMu Document Services provides online legal document preparation services to help you with your day-to-day legal needs. Experienced professionals in our team have adequate knowledge of the law and speak your language. Legal Document Management Services For Any Situation. We offer a wide range of legal documents for various purposes, including business, financial, tax, medical, healthcare, and living trust documents in California.

Save Money On Legal Fees.

Our affordable prices make us the ideal choice to help you avoid hefty legal bills. And if you’re not sure about the price, just give us a call or email to find out how much it would cost before proceeding with creating your document. Our services will only cost you $499 Living Trust Full Package & All Notarization Included

We’ve Got You Covered.

Irrespective of the type of document you need – wills, trusts, power of attorney, business contracts, invoices, agreements, and more. We can devise a solution personalized to your requirements. We’ll help you get your document drafted by professional lawyers specializing in the particular area of law required for your document typ

We Make It Easy

We constantly strive to make the preparation of legal documents easier to help you plan for your future. It’s a legal document that takes care of your property, both tangible and intangible (money, stocks, bonds), any children you may have, and lastly – who should get what after you die. It is the most important document in one’s estate plan – it should be read, understood, and updated periodically. Let us help you with this crucial step.

The Most Trusted Online Legal Document Management Services In California.

CaMu Document Services has been in the business for years and has helped many individuals with their legal documents, and proved to be a trusted and reliable legal document management services provider in California.
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