A living trust is about living benefits before death benefits.                 A living trust helps you stay in control & protect your family.                 A living trust helps you to avoid probate & the freezing of your assets                 The probate process makes all of your family assets public information                 Did you know that your home value & not only the mortgage you owe will be included in your estate?

Your kids need all the help they can get planning for their financial future. It’s a harder time than ever before for them to succeed on their own. With student loan debt and crippling needs for higher education, and experience to stabilize in the workforce, a lot of preparatory work needs to be done on their end. This includes your assistance as a parent as well. Here are some great habits to instill in your children to create substantial growth for them early, and help them create a stable financial future. 

Financial Planning Starts with Habits

Habits around your financial independence are the best foundation to create for yourself. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of falling behind on goals and putting too much of your monthly income into expenses. Unfortunately, the majority of families don’t have the time to create their own best strategies for maintaining financial stability. Here are some tips to keep your finances in order, instill strong habits in your kids, and prepare for the long term today.

Good Financial Habits

Eating In

One of the top expenses for kids on their way out the door and off to college is eating. Planning three meals for themselves is a ton of work they add to their everyday routine. Meal prepping and getting your kids on a steady routine making food for themselves prepares them well for financial stability. It saves them money, instills healthy values, and avoids those unnecessary expenses many of us are prone to falling victim to

Savings Account

Every kid needs a savings account that sets them up for creating a simpler, structured future. Savings accounts are simple to start and don’t require exorbitant amounts of money to stay on top of your growth. Even if there’s just money from a summer job or part-time hours while in school, they make a major difference down the road.

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