A living trust is about living benefits before death benefits.                 A living trust helps you stay in control & protect your family.                 A living trust helps you to avoid probate & the freezing of your assets                 The probate process makes all of your family assets public information                 Did you know that your home value & not only the mortgage you owe will be included in your estate?

A living trust is about living benefits before death benefits A living trust helps you stay in control & protect your family A living trust helps you to avoid probate & the freezing of your assets The probate process makes all of your family assets public information

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When you are planning for your financial future, and for the financial future of your family and loved ones, it’s important to find a team you can trust. At CaMu Document Services, our fiduciary advisors are fully objective and transparent, and we always hold your best interests in mind. Our approach is not to “advise” our clients,

Since a prescriptive attitude can make it seem as if we are telling you what to do. Rather, our mission is to educate.

“First, you need to believe in learning! Then you will be able to make the right decision for yourself & your family.”

Dr. Rafeek Mikhail,
CEO & Founder

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